Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

The deployment of hosted virtual desktops is rapidly growing in organizations worldwide, including in SMBs. This adoption is driven by the need to provide corporate end users flexible access to their personalized desktops and applications 24×7 and to enable IT to provide a cost effective way of managing the desktop infrastructure while improving desktop security and compliance. Hosted virtual desktops provide end users the ability to securely access their personalized desktops including their applications and data anywhere, anytime using multiple devices.

Reduce costs and increase control by delivering desktops as a managed service. Give users the flexible access they demand while increasing IT control over desktops, applications and data. Simplify and centralize desktop management for reduced costs. Easily meet regulatory guidelines and ensure all desktops and applications are up to date and in compliance. Reduce help desk calls and provide higher levels of service to end users.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Benefits

Virtualize, Simplify and Control your Desktops: Increase efficiency, reliability, and availability when you deliver desktops from the datacenter as a managed service. Virtual desktops and applications create a more flexible business infrastructure so you can quickly respond to changing business needs. Deploy applications and desktops faster and with fewer help desk calls for improved business continuity. Costs will go down and service levels will go up.

Deploy and Manage Remote Virtual Desktops Securely: Deliver desktops as a managed service to remote and branch offices for secure remote access. Protect your data while delivering a consistent high performance user experience to teleworkers and temporary workers. Users can access corporate desktops and applications from almost any device while security policies protect your sensitive data. Manage your remote desktops from a central location and eliminate the need for administrative staff in branch offices. Provision desktops faster than ever while reducing operating and support costs.

Accelerate Desktop Deployment While Reducing Costs: Streamline the deployment and management of desktops by delivering desktops as a managed service. Deploy virtual desktops to both local and remote users and cut desktop costs by up to 50%. Bring business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to the desktop by eliminating planned and unplanned downtime. Ensure compliance and a great user experience while retaining business agility and improving desktop management.

Ensure Security with Centralized Control and Management: Protect your organization’s information assets and ensure compliance with industry and government regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, government mandates on settings for PCs and more with desktop virtualization. Virtualization desktop virtualization solutions enable enterprises to secure data, centralize control of desktops and software access and maintain compliance without sacrificing end user needs.

  • Streamline management and deployment of desktops and applications
  • Bring business continuity and disaster recovery solutions to the desktop
  • Ensure corporate security and vendor licensing compliance