Clinica Monsenor Oscar A. Romero

We are a fast-paced full-service medical clinic providing quality healthcare to the uninsured and underserved communities of the greater Los Angeles area.  When we brought 7 Layer IT Solutions in, our network was pretty much in disarray.  There was no structure to our network.  We had data everywhere, spread out across a bunch of physical Servers.  We were in the beginning stages of rolling out Electronic Health Records throughout our 3-site clinic and turned to 7 Layer IT Solutions to assist us with that transition.  Having already helped some of the other clinics that we were familiar with, we had great confidence that they knew what they were doing.  7LITS has already done so much to stabilize and upgrade our entire infrastructure, which allows us to work much smarter and more efficiently.  We underwent a clinic-wide upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 as one of the pre-phases of EMR/EHR implementation.  They were able to break down this project on a per-department basis which minimized production downtime.  Our entire Server infrastructure has been upgraded and consolidated from about 15 Servers down to 3!  This has helped us save tremendously on our power consumption, cooling, and overall network management.  All of our printing and copying has been completely overhauled and updated allowing us to lower spending and streamline this much needed function of our business.  7 Layer IT Solutions’ Managed Services supports our entire clinic for one fixed price per month.  We have also migrated our Server backups to their Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) Service in which all of our Servers are backed up and sent offsite to HIPAA-secure, redundant Datacenters.  We are no longer swapping out external hard drives with different backups on each and wondering if they even were successful.  Their support is second-to-none and we are extremely satisfied with them as our IT firm.  We know that whatever project we are going to do next, it will be cost-effective, well-planned out and will save our organization money.  They have been our one-stop shop for all of our technology needs.