Why 7LITS?

At 7 Layer IT Solutions, we believe the main focus should always be providing clients with the best support possible, no matter what. Truth is, almost every IT Company can get you the same servers, computers, laptops, etc. What sets us apart from the competition is our strict attention to customer satisfaction.

With a client base ranging from just about vertical industry, our ability to custom tailor support and solutions on a per-client basis is one of our greatest strengths.

We understand that what fits one client’s budget and needs, may not efficiently solve another’s. Our firm takes customer service to the next level, giving unmatched, personalized care and concern for their networks and IT environments.

Mission Statement

Our mission at 7 Layer IT Solutions is simple – We strive to provide our clients with exceptional and cutting-edge IT support and solutions at affordable prices. We design, implement and manage secure, reliable and cost effective networks whether you have two or 2,000 users. Our dependability is second to noneā€¦just ask our clients!