Offsite Backup and DR

70% of Business that suffer a serious data loss are out of business in two years.  At 7 Layer IT Solutions, we believe that a company is only as good as its last backup.  Backing up data is one of the most important pieces of any IT strategy and must be taken very seriously.  Backing up data goes hand-in-hand with a solid Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption plan, and you cannot have one without the other.  We bundle all of these pieces together to ensure that you have one, fully-managed and solid solution for these imperative aspects of your business.

Backing up to tape, rotating tapes, taking tapes offsite – all those are things of the past.  Our solution for Backup and Disaster Recovery utilizes much newer technology that dramatically simplifies the backup and recovery process.  By employing inverse chain technology, we eliminate the traditional backup chain.  Our solution takes data directly from the server and converts it into virtual machines (.vmdk files) that can be booted instantly from a remote web interface. This new way of storing data allows for instant on- and off-site recovery and can prevent businesses from having to experience costly downtime in the event of a catastrophe. Following every backup, a test virtualization is performed and confirmed instantly.  Our backup technology allows us to take snapshots of the servers as often as 15 minutes.  Gone are the days where backups need to wait until midnight and then carry over into the next business day without ever getting full data backed up!

Each client’s solution includes a customized BDR Device that not only stores the images of all backed up servers, but can actually act as one or more servers in the event of a hardware failure.  The last image of a server is booted to the BDR and after a few simple configuration steps, is ready for users to access as if it were the original server.  This allows the failed server to be fixed and put back in production, without any downtime to the company.

Another key feature about the BDR solution is that the backup images are sent to fully redundant, bank-level secure datacenters in California and Pennsylvania, using 256+-bit encryption.  So, if there is ever a catastrophe at your office, your backup images are safe.  Unlike many of the other offsite backup solutions that use the Internet to access stored data, a new BDR Device with all of your latest backup images will be overnighted to the client.  On top of that, clients can actually use the offsite virtualization feature of the BDR solution to remotely boot and access server images.  So even if the main site has been devastated, your data is not only safe, but accessible.  These are some of the key features that separates our backup, disaster recovery and business resumption plans from other solutions.

Since you only pay for how much data you have, each solution is custom tailored to each individual client and monthly fees are fixed so you know how much you will be spending each month to ensure your data is safely backup up, both onsite and offsite!