Email Archiving

With the constant rise in corporate email communication, data files are becoming larger and more difficult to manage.  7 Layer IT Solutions has partnered with a major software company, Sunbelt / GFI to bring companies of all sizes the ability to archive email and attachments with zero functionality changes to the end-user.

With this solution, emails are stored in their original form on your preferred secure media storage, email versions are seamlessly maintained, and authorized users can easily access the information they need when it’s needed. Email Archiving provides flexible, secure, and cost-effective functionality with no impact on users.  This solution also maintains the health of the client’s Microsoft Exchange Server environment by keeping the size of the databases and very manageable sizes.  Thus, leading to much less corruption and/or possibility of data loss.

Advantages to Email Archiving:

  • Up to 80% smaller message store, eliminating the need to buy additional MS Exchange servers or Exchange storage.
  • Emails are archived on separate storage media, while only a link (2-5 KB) remains on the Exchange server—all with no negative impact to user-experience.
  • Seamless end-user experience with no special software required.
  • Decrease back-up times.
  • Elimination of PST headaches.
  • Great for Disaster Recovery.